Behind the desk of a Travel Planner

How to create a tailor-made trip

Thanks to this post, you’ll discover one of the most important aspects of our job: how to create a tailor-made trip. According to many people, the Travel Planner is one of the most beautiful professions. But behind the scenes there are many aspects that you can’t imagine!

Why should you choose a tailor-made trip ?

This is the first thing you should consider if you are planning a trip. A trip is a dream that become real! Everybody has his own dream with its features that make it strictly personal! A tailor-made trip made for you reflects your way of been and meets your needs, connecting somethhing choosen by you in an exclusive way.

The advantages for you choosing a tailor-made trip:

A tailor-made trip is perfect for curious travelers of all ages. It provides the answers of all travelers needs thanks to a personalized planning and thanks to the advices of a travel expert. In few words, a tailor-made trip is:

  • to take advantage of an expert traveler’s experience, that knows well the destination, ever updated on it.
  • to take advantage of targeted advice in order to not waste time choosing and verifying all travel possibilities.
  • to customize your itinerary according to your needs: what to see, the most suitable accommodation for you, the places to choose for an aperitif or a dinner, how to join the destination, how to move once there.
  • to have assistance during your trip and a telephone number 24h to contact.
  • to live an experience like a local, as far as possible away from massive tourism, thanks to the cooperation with local partners.

How to create the tailor-made trip that you dream

Let’s see how a tailor-made trip borns and what theTravel Planner does in order to make it real!

Everything begins with your dream: we schedule an appointment for a skype-call, a phone call or in order to welcome you at the Travel Lab. During this time we know each other in front of a coffee, we listen to you, we take notes.

  1. With all the information collected we create a mental map of the travel of your dreams and then we begin to search in a specific way what are the best solutions for your needs.
  2. Like travel’s architects we make a first draft thanks to our experience and cooperation with local tour operators.
  3. We show you this map and the first options waiting for your feed back.
  4. Optimization of your trip concerning all the details!

Are you ready for your next tailor-made trip? Call us!

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