Norther Lights in Norway

Northern Lights: legends and curiosities you might not know

Northern Lights are one of the most fascinating natural shows, that must be included in your bucket list of things to see at least once in a lifetime! Read some legends and curiosities

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Behind the desk of a Travel Planner

How to create a tailor-made trip Thanks to this post, you’ll discover one of the most important aspects of our job: how to create a tailor-made trip. According to many people, the…

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Life of a Travel Planner

The Journey as Philosophy: Life of a Travel Planner

If you read our post concerning why to choose a Travel Planner you know that a Travel Planner is a travel professional who studies, wonders, organizes and intuits. But what…

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Guidebooks to travel

Why choose a Travel Planner for your next trip

Do you know who a Travel Planner is? Leonardo and I are Travel Planners, because we plan, personalize and organize travels for our customers, travelers like us. But let’s answer…

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