The Journey as Philosophy: Life of a Travel Planner

Life of a Travel Planner

If you read our post concerning why to choose a Travel Planner you know that a Travel Planner is a travel professional who studies, wonders, organizes and intuits. But what does the Travel Planner do during his working day? Let’s find it out together!

Our day as Travel Planner

The Travel Planner gets up in the morning, takes a shower and drags into the kitchen for the coffee, in my case for a green tea strictly with honey. At this point, he wakes up, scrolls the news on the laptop, because he should be up-to-date about what is going on in the world. Then he goes out humming a song and with the precise scheme of things to do on his mind. Once arrived at the office, in between a phone call and a Skype call, he quickly reads emails, he checks the schedules and the calendar; he is then ready to start his working routine!

Days all look alike, but none is like another! Some are similar to a call center: suppliers call to define the details of a tour, customers call to make an appointment at the Travel Lab or to take advantage of our home consultation service! Of course, there are also boring days: those to devote to bureaucratic paperwork and cleaning! But the ones we prefer are the creative days!

Life of a Travel Planner

In creative days we use our creativity, we write new posts for the travel blog and plan our social media; we also create photographic material, and we study climate, geography, we search for main events, new accommodations, and everything is related to your next dream destination. Creative days that have as a result of your tailor-made travel experience or days when we welcome you to the Travel Lab in front of a steaming cup of coffee and speak about your next by exploring the planet with the help of videos, 3D maps, texts, magazines, music.

Behind the Scenes of the Travel Planner’s life

When you are traveling there begins our work, mostly behind the scenes!

Every trip is like a sort of film with its plot, its scenography, its history.

A journey expresses the essence, the emotions, a dream that satisfies or calms the desire for escape. Traveling is not just moving to a place, but it means imagining it, discovering it little by little, waiting for it before leaving.

Life of a Travel Planner

A Travel Planner knows all this because he is in constant search for life, experiences, escape. A Travel Planner is a wanderluster that travels with his mind and as soon as he can he leaves the office he takes a ship, a plane, a guide or he walks to discover the world, to live and test what he tells you. A Travel Planner must be able to convey the same enthusiasm that he experienced for your trip in order to design a unique travel experience just for you, choosing each time a special and different formula.

And when the Travel Planner comes back home in the evening, he keeps on traveling, he closes the door of his office and he opens the door of his imagination.

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