Why choose a Travel Planner for your next trip

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Do you know who a Travel Planner is? Leonardo and I are Travel Planners, because we plan, personalize and organize travels for our customers, travelers like us. But let’s answer some questions about why you should choose a travel planner for your next trip.

What is a Travel Planner?

A Travel Planner is someone who likes to go off the beaten path, someone who can offer travelers a mixture of dreams, emotions, professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail and fun: all those ingredients turn a journey into an unforgettable experience.

The Travel Planner mix together geography, history, world, clouds and psychoanalysis, and has only one goal to reach: create the TRAVEL for each customer. How does he do all this? Simple, he has 4 super powers!

Trvel Lusters working

The Travel Planner in 4 skills

  1. The Travel Planner studies – manuals, magazines, documentaries, photos, videos, music, culinary art and the web are his daily bread. Without solid foundations, dreams would crumble quickly!
  2. The Travel Planner listens – observes you, takes notes, asks you delicate enquiries, reflects. Each person has specific needs!
  3. The Travel Planner dreams – yes, the desire to travel, to wonder, to discover, push the TP to improve himself.
  4. The Travel Planner wonders – that’;s how he discovers the corners, cultures, the most interesting in the world! Following the details, he always joins something unique!

In addition to these 4 qualities, or super powers, the Travel Planner also makes a great coffee, try it! We are waiting for you in our studio to organize your next trip in front of an hot cup of coffee.

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