Travel express: 6 couples of travelers for 6 destinations!

The travel has a deep, almost spiritual value, it is a connection between the earth and our soul. Even destinations are not the same for everyone: each one has its own peculiarities and characteristics that are perfect for some, but not for others, we could say that each place resembles those who are attracted to it.

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Marsa Matrouh

Caribbean? Yes, but in Egypt! Marsa Matrouh, the crystal sea!

We chose Marsa Matrouh for our escape because it is also an excellent destination to discover the wonders hidden in the middle of the desert…

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Far from the madding crowd! 5 backtrend destinations where you will not meet (almost) anyone.

Beach parties, group dances and “aperitif games” make you want to escape from the crowd to the most remote corners of the earth?! We have what’s right for you! A selection of destinations where no one will invade your spaces!

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Island hopping in Norway: a travel among the islands!

When we think of this kind of experience, at first we imagine Greek islands, clear sea, white houses and maybe a catamaran. But we want to let you dream and show you an out-of-the-ordinary island hopping, destination Norway along the Helgeland coast!

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woman looking at the map

Back to the 90s: summer holidays in the age of millennials!

Technology certainly is a big step forward, but few of us still remember the magic of traveling in the nineties, the thrill of searching for a destination with the few means available, traveling by car while singing together!

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last chance tourism

Last chance tourism: places to see before it’s too late

The planet is changing, it is dissolving under our eyes due to our terribly impactful and unbridled way of life. That’s why there’s an emerging trend called “last chance tourism” or “tourism of doom”. It involves traveling to places that are threatened. The list is very long, but in our article we will mention seven of them.

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Welcome to South Korea: ready to leave for the present coolest country?!

Welcome to South Korea, a country where people are born already one year old, where they give away toilet paper when they are invited to the inauguration of a new apartment and surgery plastic is so usual!

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Leo as an animator

Travel, life: Leonardo, Rhodes, and his job as an animator

After telling you about my solo adventure in Thailand, I asked Leonardo to tell us about his experience as animator in Rhodes. Curious to read his story?

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