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Business trip to Germany!

When you leave for a car trip to Germany to meet your colleagues, a journey that should last eight hours and instead due to traffic, rain and all the possible unforeseen events turns into a 12-hour epic, you don’t imagine that there’s a party waiting for you!

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Journey to Menorca through the eyes of Generation Z

We asked 16-year-old Giada to tell us about her experience in Menorca with her family! Curious to know what she answered us?!

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Boa Vista, Cape Verde: a world into a world

Boa Vista, this teardrop in the ocean, is a world into a world, a part of that immense nesting doll that is the earth, with its arid authenticity that fills your heart, with the strength of its shrubs bent by the wind, with the turquoise of its waters invading the eyes.

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Boa Vista, Cape Verde: the Africa you didn’t expect

We are in Africa, but not that of Safaris, infinite deserts, tribes. A different Africa, the one that is part of the so-called “Macaronesia”. A magical place infact, in ancient times, Cape Verde islands were considered the remains of Atlantis.

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Our Palio di Siena: four days, 96 hours and a sense of belonging that lasts for a lifetime

The Palio di Siena, four days, 96 hours and a sense of belonging that lasts for a lifetime. For most of those who come to Siena during these four days, everything seems crazy, out of reality. And it’s a little bit true! It is as if the city went back in time, as if the ordinary flow of events followed its own rhythm.

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