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Leaving in Autumn: 5 destinations in Asia

Autumn is the perfect season for discovering Asia! Here’s 5 destinations to add in your bucket list if you love rituals linked to nature and popular traditions.

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Business trip to Germany!

When you leave for a car trip to Germany to meet your colleagues, a journey that should last eight hours and instead due to traffic, rain and all the possible unforeseen events turns into a 12-hour epic, you don’t imagine that there’s a party waiting for you!

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Journey to Menorca through the eyes of Generation Z

We asked 16-year-old Giada to tell us about her experience in Menorca with her family! Curious to know what she answered us?!

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Travel with your dogs

Handbook for a summer car trip in Europe with your dogs!

Taking your dog with you on holiday is certainly a priority, but we must pay attention to his needs in order to guarantee him a pleasant and safe journey. First advice: if you are a serial traveller, it is very important to start getting your puppy used to long journeys right away!

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Boa Vista, Cape Verde: a world into a world

Boa Vista, this teardrop in the ocean, is a world into a world, a part of that immense nesting doll that is the earth, with its arid authenticity that fills your heart, with the strength of its shrubs bent by the wind, with the turquoise of its waters invading the eyes.

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