Leo as an animator

Travel, life: Leonardo, Rhodes, and his job as an animator

After telling you about my solo adventure in Thailand, I asked Leonardo to tell us about his experience as animator in Rhodes. Curious to read his story?

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#LIFEINTRAVEL: 7 trends and inspirations for traveling in 2024!

2024 is coming and we want to be ready concerning new trends and coolest ways of travel! Are you ready to leave for a “journey in a journey”, to an innovative and out of the ordinary experience?! Let’s go!

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Travel “Babber”, part 2: everything you don’t know about Santa’s secret stops!

In the last post we left Santa Claus at his destination while, upon arriving in Italy, he was delivering the gifts to the children! Are you curious to know what he did last time during his trip?!

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Transylvania: one of the best Halloween’s trip!

Transylvania has always been linked to Count Dracula and his castle, playing the role of a dark and terrifying region in the common imagination! In reality, it’s a small jewel made up of medieval villages surrounded by woods, forests and castles, scenic roads and mountains.

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people having a drink

Business trip to Germany!

When you leave for a car trip to Germany to meet your colleagues, a journey that should last eight hours and instead due to traffic, rain and all the possible unforeseen events turns into a 12-hour epic, you don’t imagine that there’s a party waiting for you!

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