#LIFEINTRAVEL: 7 trends and inspirations for traveling in 2024!

2024 is coming and we want to be ready concerning new trends and coolest ways of travel! Are you ready to leave for a “journey in a journey”, to an innovative and out of the ordinary experience?! Let’s go!

Virtual tourism

If you love traveling but also your sofa, without thinking to your suitcase, go to the airport and so on, virtual tourism could be a good choiche! It allows you to use digital technologies to create immersive travel experiences, without having to move.

Virtual reality will make you discover different places and cultures, distant destinations, cities, museums, landscapes, without cost! A journey that allows you to “leave” at any time and has no impact on the environment.

Suitable for all those who: suffer from aerophobia and serial lazy people!

Roots tourism in 2024

An experience withe the aim of searching for cultural, historical and genealogical roots. We could define it as “emotional tourism”, through the rediscovery of the places where our ancestors were born or lived.

It involves historical documents and registers’ research, helped by local experts, to extrapolate valuable information about family and origins.

Suitable for all those who: want to take a journey inside themselves.


Literally the tendency to discover places with a cooler climate. This is a type of tourism dictated by climate change. As temperatures continue to rise, those living in increasingly hotter places are showing a desire to travel to cooler places.

There are also many experiences related to the cold: the ice cure based on the Wim Hof method (Wim Hof is known for his resistance to very low temperatures. He holds 20 world records, including that of the longest immersion in an ice tub. The basis of his method are: breathing, cold therapy and meditation), floating yoga and meditation on the snow. Water becomes protagonist in this type of tourism, as demonstrated by stays in underwater hotels.

Suitable for all those who: have not fear of the cold!

Gastronomic experiences in 2024

Gastronomy is an ever green! It will also be one of the 2024’s trends, in particular regarding dishes’ origins and destinations’ culinary traditions. Gastronomic tourism connects traditions, geographical areas and products, favoring typical artisanal and local dishes, little-known products, cultural experiences during which it’s possible to learn food’s history.

Sometimes culinary experience becomes “phygital” through the combination of reality and augmented reality to recreate the atmosphere, scents and sounds that enhance the immersion in this experience.

Sleep Tourism

There are more and more accommodation that have the traveller’s psychophysical well-being as their objective, starting from the quality of sleep, and that offer targeted therapeutic packages. Silence, soundproof rooms, slow rhythms, contact with nature and healthy, natural food are important to escape stress and recharge your batteries. Relaxation, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, rest on water mattresses, eucalyptus showers. A pampering for the body and the soul.

Suitable for all those who: are looking for peace and relax.

2024 will be the year of sustainable rural tourism

A trip to experience nearby or distant self-sufficient agricultural realities’ lifestyle, in harmony with nature and in a sustainable way. A tourism that leaves a tangible mark, such as the desire to live in a greener way once back home.

Password: authenticity. The discovery of cultures and modus vivendi different from one’s own, in contact with locals, and in some cases it is possible to participate in community activities, try rural life, learn how food is produced and the place’s traditions .

Suitable for all those who: think that without sustainability there will be no future.

Luxury à la carte

Can you travel like the rich but saving money?! The answer is yes, thanks to small luxuries “à la carte”!

These are short-term experiences that provide a 5-star service, meticulously researched on the web by low-budget travelers who don’t want to give up the chance of spending a day or a few hours like true VIP! Day passes to use, for example the privileges of a five-star hotel or entry to a special club or a gourmet dinner.

Suitable for all those who: I would like but I can’t!

Which trend is the most suitable for you?!

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