Travel, life: Leonardo, Rhodes, and his job as an animator

Leo as an animator

After telling you about my solo adventure in Thailand, I asked Leonardo to tell us about his experience as animator in Rhodes. Curious to read his story?

Why did you decide to become an animator?

I have always been very curious and my desire to travel, discover something far from home, pushed me towards this experience!

How did this adventure begin?

In Rome I had my first interview, accompanied by my dad. Once I returned home I received a phone call for a second interview in Cuneo, where they told me that I had been “hired”! Before the departure I was supposed to attend a training course in Djerba, but at that time the situation in Tunisia was not easy and therefore the course was not carried out. So in April I left: destination Rhodes!

What expectations did you have before leaving?

My aim was just to arrive and live a unique and new experience! The previous days I was already wearing summer clothes in the city! To start getting into the role!!

Here you discovered your love for windsurfing, right?!

Exactly! On the plane I red a brochure: the “island of the wind”. He intrigued me a lot and once I reached my destination, as soon as possible, I immediately tried this discipline. It was love at first glide! All started from this experience and the following trips, in those years, were dedicated to windsurfing. The first destinations were Cape Verde (Sal island) and Tarifa which were followed by many others!

How was your typical day as an animator?

As soon as I arrived, I immediately collided with the reality! The resort was gorgeous, while our rooms were cramped and uncomfortable. I was a sports entertainer, show man, and so on!

Did you feel homesick?

Initially a lot. When you leave, your mind is clouded with euphoria. You think of an experience only as fun. I remember that every evening I went up to the roof, away from everyone, to contemplate the sea. I was very shy, as I still am now!

Did you have friends anyway?

Yes, first a Greek bartender with whom we often went out on a scooter to do some experiences such as Bunjee Jumping and later some Scottish entertainers, crazy and very nice!

Would you recommend this experience to Generation Z?

Definitely yes, an experience to absolutely do and to live with carefree! Carpe Diem guys!

A funny episode?!

Before leaving I had purchased my first mobile phone! A few days after my arrival it broke when it felt into the pool!

Which experience do you prefer? My trip to a Muay Thai camp in Thailand or Leonardo’s adventure as an entertainer in Greece?

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