Island hopping in Norway: a travel among the islands!

Island hopping is the act of traveling from one island to the next by catching small boats. When we hear this term, we often think of the Greek islands with their clear seas, white houses, and catamarans. However, we invite you to dream big and explore a unique island hopping experience in Norway along the Helgeland coast!

Island hopping from Fleinvær to Dønna

Helgeland, located in the southernmost district of Northern Norway, is a stunning region below the Arctic Circle. It is characterized by thousands of islands, islets, rocks, high mountains, and deep valleys, offering sandy beaches, deep fjords, and stretches of open sea to explore in a unique “interrail by sea” experience.

In Helgeland, the local fast ships are affectionately referred to as “the metro.” Traveling by kayak is also an option in some areas, and you can even bring your bike on ships to explore the islands on two wheels from Bødo to Sandnessjøen.

Here are 7 islands in Helgeland that you should consider exploring!

For a total escape, away from cars and shops, in total harmony with nature, sleeping in a “sleeping box”!

Fishing for halibut with a special soundtrack: the sound of waves and seagulls. And if that isn’t enough, in Sør-Arnøy and Nord-Arnøy you can rent boats, bikes, diving equipment to explore the islands!

First, don’t miss the panorama while climbing the staircase built by the Sherpas of Nepal. Next, rent a kayak and glide among islands and coves of white beach under the midnight sun.

The best island for whiskey lovers! It’s funny there are only 12 residents. Nevertheless, it’s full of restaurants and there is also a distillery. All this at the furthest point in the sea that you can reach from the Norwegian coast.

The hipsters’ island, an island for artists, chefs and even coffee roasters! In few words: art, white beaches and music festivals.

The main inhabitants of the island are thousands of puffins, who arrive more or less every year on the same day: April the 14th. That’s why it is called “lundkommardagen”, literally “the day the puffins arrive”!

Heavenly chocolate is produced here. After, you can go SUP or reach the top of Dønnamannen! From Dønna it is possible to cycle across the bridge to the island of Herøy.

Put away your swimsuit, take your trekking shoes and all your adrenaline with you!

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