Summer Holidays in Finland: visit the Lake Saimaa

Summer holidays in Finland

A labyrinth of islands that overlook the blue of the water so pure that you can even drink it. These lands have been generated by the very same water according to the Kalevala, the Finnish mythological text. This is the largest lake district in Europe and we visited the area with a local guide for a 7-day trip to Southern Finland.

The Saimaa Lake: what to do

Lake Saimaa is the largest lake of the Finnish Lakeland: a magical and, almost surreal destination where connect to Nature. In summer, especially in June, July, and August, when the hours of light increase and the temperatures are mild, the life of every Finnish focuses on
the activities related to the lake and its surroundings.

Lake Saimaa is a paradise for kayaking and canoeing lovers: the feeling of being on the water surrounded by peace, forests and the blue of the sky is indescribable. A canoe trip is a must when you are in Finland: at the end, it is not so difficult to paddle and following some practical advice you will be able to sail independently, even if you are at your first experience.

Summer holidays in Finland Summer holidays in Finland

The other activity to do, as any good Finnish does, is fishing: you can learn different techniques, wandering by boat with your guide searching the best place. If patience is not your best gift, while you are waiting to catch a fish, you can dive in the lake.

Finally, an extreme experience to try at Lake Saimaa is to stay on a desert island. We did it and it was really exciting! Under the supervision of the guide we set up our tent, roasted our sausages, learned how to light a fire to warm up and cook some food – it felt like being in a movie! Fire is the other great natural element and when the fire is ready, you can make coffee! I recommend to check if there are temporary prohibitions to light a fire; this can happen when temperatures are above average.

Beyond Saimaa: what to do

Although the lake is the main attraction, there are other activities to do practice and connect to nature. One of the main activities to do in Finland is biking: the roads are not busy, so you can ride among wonderful landscapes. If you are a first-time Biker, we recommend that you choose an electric bike that will facilitate you if you are not so trained. For expert bikers, we recommend mountain bikes and/or road bikes!

Do not miss a walk in the forest hunting for mushrooms and seasonal berries, such as blueberries, currants, and raspberries, in addition to the particular variety of transparent white arctic raspberries. The fruits of the forest are often used to prepare delicious cakes, jams or flavoured waters.

Summer holidays in Finland

Why choosing a local guide

During this summer trip to Finland, and during all the activities practiced, we were together with a local guide, the real added value of our trip. Chosing a local expert guide is the first step to live an authentic experience like-a-local, as an insider, as a true Finnish. A full immersion in local culture, in authentic habits. The guide transmits the love, respect, and gratitude that Finnish people have for nature.

If you want to organize a trip to Finland like ours, write us now!

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