“Travelcromia”: a journey through the colors’ palette of your emotions!


Surely, you’ve heard about “Color analysis“, also known as personal color analysis (PCA), the science that defines the harmony between different colors. The first to think about it was Johannes Itten, a German professor at the Bauhaus School of Art. Itten divided the colors into different groups based on the shades of the seasons, placing them in relation to the color of one person’s skin, eyes and hair.

The full personal color analysis theory was born in the late 70s thanks to Bernice Kentner, an image consultant. She said that each one of us has specific chromatic characteristics (skin tone, eyes, hair) that define us, and can be enhanced thanks to a precise color palette.

Therefore, if the colors we wear daily can enhance our beauty, can these colors influence the places we prefer or to which we are most attracted when traveling?


Are there landscapes in harmony with our natural and inner colors?

It may have happened to you to feel a special bond with certain places, a feeling of well-being and peace in front of an unforgettable landscape, to think “here I feel at home …”

Why if the colors we wear can enhance our beauty, the ones we see can’t improve the beauty of our soul? I think it is possible to identify a group of colors typical of the various terrestrial landscapes that, more than others, enhance the natural beauty of our soul!

I think it is possible to identify a group of colors typical of the various terrestrial landscapes that, more than others, enhance the inner and natural beauty of our soul!

Silvia, Travel-luster

What’s Travelcromia?

What I have defined “Travelcromia“, or travel color analysis, is a concept focused on the strengths of everyone’s personal journey and the possibility of enhancing this journey by choosing places starting from a table of favorite colors and shades that become a sort of personal rainbow!

Just like in PCA it is necessary to establish if you “belong” to the group of “warm” or “cold” colors and to which season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter, keeping in mind that Winter and Summer seasons represent the seasons with “cold colors”, while Spring and Autumn represent the seasons with “warm colors”.

If you’re a Spring

It’s a clear season, preferring warm and bright colors. The Spring palette includes sunny yellow, coral and bright green. Let’s go to the desert dunes, among the meanders of the Grand Canyon, or to the infinite spaces of the green moors of Northern Europe!


If you’re a Summer

It’s a clear season, but the colors are cold ones: pale blue, mint green, and powder pink. These are the colors of the sea, of the islands, of the atolls and of the pink beaches such as Pantai Merah on the Island of Komodo, Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas, and Tangsi Beach in Indonesia.

If you’re an Autumn

It’s a cold season that loves warm colors in a “darker” version and natural shades such as forest green, brown and mustard. Forest green is the color of the foliage of conifers and deciduous trees typical of temperate forests, a shade that takes us through the peace of the woods, a journey that lets the soul breathe and purifies the mind. Brown is linked to woods or rocky landscapes, such as the Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia, the Yunnan Forest in China, Wave Rock in Australia. It is also the season of foliage, with its palette of yellows and romance.

If you’re a Winter

It’s a cold season too, characterized by cold colors, such as deep blue, emerald, magenta and purple. It is the palette of diving, of the underwater world, of the coral reef but also of the ice of Greenland, of the Salar of Uyuni, of the multicolor mountain of Zhangye Danxia Geopark in China. The colorful markets of Morocco with their vivid and bold colors.

Do you recognize yourself in one of these categories? What are the shades of the landscapes that you feel closer to you? Let us know in the comments!

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