Our Travel Voucher, the ideal gift for everyone

Travel Voucher Gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea? The answer is one of our personalized Fonte Gaia Tour’s vouchers. It’s a fantastic present for every occasion.

But what does “voucher” mean? It is a prepaid travel ticket, ready to be given as a gift, whose value depends on how much money you’ve decided to spend. It’s valid for one year and renewable.
We bet you are thinking: – “Is that all?!?. Of course not! Our travel vouchers are magical because we love to bring magic into our clients’ lives and make their dreams come true!

How our travel voucher gifts work

Our voucher gifts are the perfect present for everyone and are totally customized for the person who will receive them, like our travel experiences. Every voucher is accompanied by a special gift card, that is 100% handmade and customizable.

For this reason, Fonte Gaia Tour’s travel Gifts are suitable for everyone, even for the young explorers, that always love our Harry Potter’s themed card including an original Harry Potter stamp and font!

Travel Voucher gift

In addition to the standard voucher, which is free, we offer various cards to accompany the voucher, and their cost changes according to the materials and the time it takes to make it.

Our most beautiful and appreciated voucher gift cards are:

  • “the ori-voucher”, a voucher in the shape of a sailing ship made with the origami technique by our Japanese colleague
  • the “bottle-voucher”, the typical message in a bottle including sand, shells and a handwritten paper;
  • the “Me & You voucher”, a 3D recycled cardboard house with a bow and heart-shaped envelope;
  • the pop-up card with the wedding cake and handwritten poems inside.

Last but not least, if you love the “surprise effect”, we can also deliver it for you! If are you curious, then email us!

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