“Hocus Pocus”: the magic formula of Travel Designers for creating a tailor-made travel

Travel Design

In this global world, where access to news is immediate and very fast, buying a trip online by yourself may seem the easiest thing in the world. But have you ever wondered what kind of experience are you buying? The risk is that you’re investing your money in something that will not meet your expectations.

Every journey begins with a dream, a desire, jealously hidden in your heart, just waiting to come true! That’s why you probably need a professional Travel Designer, who will make this dream come true thanks to his skills.

Who’s a Travel Designer?

A Travel Designer is a professional travel consultant who turns traveler’s wishes into a detailed and unique itinerary. First off, he needs to be empathetic for listening to his client’s needs, putting himself in the shoes of this person, and understanding the type of experience in tune with his soul.

He then starts profiling the customer’s personality, whether he is a backpacker, or a person looking for relaxation, recreation, luxury, nature, or culture. Thanks to his professional expertise the Travel Designer tailors his client’s ideal trip and vacation. As a matter of fact, he has a rich cultural heritage, because of his travel experiences getting to know the local cultures and people.

He has personally tested accommodations, bars, and restaurants, and he is constantly updated on destinations. He also has good climate knowledge based on real studies about the destination’s meteorology.

Other fundamental skills for a tailor-made trip are creativity, imagination, and curiosity, which make every itinerary unique and customized with personal details, advice, and ideas that a booking platform cannot provide.

Safety is also essential, both before departure and during the journey itself. Choosing the right insurance policy, for example, having the right to any compensation for a disservice and above all traveling with the awareness that, if necessary, a call center will not answer, but a professional will always be available 24 hours a day.

The Travel Designer wonders and studies to provide an unforgettable traveling experience. The magic formula for creating a tailor-made experience comes from the mix of all these characteristics combined with the great love for this work.

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