Travel Trends 2023

Best in Travel 2023: inspirations and travel trends for the new year!

2023 is almost here and we’re ready for new adventures! Get inspired by these top 10 travel trends for new year!

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Krampus from South Tyrol

The “travel” before Christmas: a journey to the dark side of Christmas!

Discover the dark side of Christmas with these stories of legendary monsters used to keep calm the naughty children in Europe.

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Travel Voucher Gift

Our Travel Voucher, the ideal gift for everyone

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea? The answer is one of our personalized Fonte Gaia Tour’s vouchers. It’s a fantastic present for every occasion.

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Winter holidays in Finland

Why you should choose Finland for your next Christmas Holidays

Winter holidays in Finland: we asked our Finnish colleague Janne to tell us about the magic of Christmas holidays in Finland!

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Behind the desk of a Travel Planner

How to create a tailor-made trip Thanks to this post, you’ll discover one of the most important aspects of our job: how to create a tailor-made trip. According to many people, the…

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