Far from the madding crowd! 5 backtrend destinations where you will not meet (almost) anyone.


Beach parties, group dances and “aperitif games” make you want to escape from the crowd?! Going to the most remote corners of the earth?! We have what’s right for you! A selection of destinations where no one will invade your spaces!

Flores, Azores

Trekking time to discover oneself, through the nature’s nuances, that shape this remote island. A jewel of volcanic origin, set in an area of ​​16 x 12 km. It’s sparsely populated, including cows! It seems to be out of the world with its waterfalls like Poço do Bacalhau, 90 meters high. Discover also Ribeira Grande, 300 meters high, natural pools and lakes.

Far from the madding crowd in the Gobi Desert

A place as fascinating as inhospitable. Home of the nomadic tribes who have managed to integrate with the surrounding evanescent environment. Here the landscapes change, going from the sandy desert, with dunes more than 100/200 meters high, to rocky areas, with mountain ranges shaped by the wind.

Desolate, silent. Animated by the sound of the “singing sands” of Khongoryn Els, the highest set of dunes in the country. Actually, the grains of sand shaped by wind or human activity can generate vibrations. Getting lost in this golden sea is possible with a jeep tour, plowing through the sand to discover camels, tribes and traditions.

Outer Hebrides Islands

The Hebrides are an archipelago off the west coast of Scotland. They are divided into the Inner Hebrides and the Outer Hebrides, each with its own unique way of life, permeated by Gaelic culture. Mountains, lakes and wide sandy beaches, some of which have been included in the list of the best in the world by Condé Nast Traveller, moors and steep coasts, to explore on foot or by bicycle.

The Outer Hebrides have 15 inhabited islands and over 50 devoid of human traces. From the geological formations of Lewis to the sea lochs of the Uists, ancient monuments, seabird colonies and spring and summer machair (carpets of wild flowers) abound.

Carabao, Philippines

We’re sure you’ve heard of Boracay, but how many of you know about Carabao?! It is an authentic island, which can be reached from Boracay in about an hour, where time has stopped, life flows in a slow and relaxed way and the internet connection comes and goes. In Carabao you sleep in families, there are very few resorts. Here it is really possible to isolate yourself from the world by diving, snoozing on the beach or visiting the coconut plantations.

Far from the madding crowd in Milos

Almost uncontaminated nature and herds of sheep from which its name derives: vilos means sheep!
A universe of very rocks, quarries, caves, stacks, its volcanic nature means that the landscape constantly changes. You go from platinum-colored beaches to coves with red, yellow or black rocks.
Sarakiniko Beach, or Moon Beach, takes its name from the Sarakin pirates who left their ships in the cavities of the rocks to rest.

And if the land is not enough for you, you can go by sea, aboard a sailing boat, exploring the Arkoudes, bear-shaped rocks, Cape Vani, a 30 meter high spire, up to the bay of Kleftiko, an ancient refuge of Barbarossa who, according to legend, hid a treasure here.

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