last chance tourism

Last chance tourism: places to see before it’s too late

The planet is changing, it is dissolving under our eyes due to our terribly impactful and unbridled way of life. That’s why there’s an emerging trend called “last chance tourism” or “tourism of doom”. It involves traveling to places that are threatened. The list is very long, but in our article we will mention seven of them.

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Welcome to South Korea: ready to leave for the present coolest country?!

Welcome to South Korea, a country where people are born already one year old, where they give away toilet paper when they are invited to the inauguration of a new apartment and surgery plastic is so usual!

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Leo as an animator

Travel, life: Leonardo, Rhodes, and his job as an animator

After telling you about my solo adventure in Thailand, I asked Leonardo to tell us about his experience as animator in Rhodes. Curious to read his story?

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The mummies of the Toraja people, Sulawesi: when death goes “beyond death”

Sulawesi, also known as Celebes, is part of the Greater Sunda Islands and is located between Borneo and the Moluccas. Uncontaminated seabeds, forests, endemic flora and fauna and the soul of the island: Tana Toraja.

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Travel, life: my adventure in Thailand, culture and Muay Thai

There are many reasons why you decide to leave Work, curiosity, on holiday. Sometimes we leave to save ourselves. Thus began my adventure in Thailand, in Phuket.

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