Journey to Menorca through the eyes of Generation Z


We asked 16-year-old Giada to tell us about her experience in Menorca with her family! Curious to know what she answered us?!

How did you imagine the island before leaving?

I didn’t know the island of Menorca well before leaving for this holiday, but I imagined it as a quiet place suitable for a family holiday and I thought that beaches were nice, but not amazing.

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The most beautiful beach in your opinion and why?

In my opinion the most beautiful beach is Cala Turqueta with its wonderful turquoise, very clean, it is really hard to find scattered waste. Perhaps the only flaw is the amount of people because when you come to Menorca this cove is a “must” destination.

Here you can find some guys who sell fruit, they settle between one beach and another with “wheelbarrows” and start cutting the tropical fruit in front of you in a very nice way.

Not only sea: what can you do in Menorca if you don’t go to the beach?!

Sometimes we wanted to explore something other than the beach and the choice is quite varied. There are several villages that can be reached in a few minutes by bus or by car. An example is Ciutadella, that we visited twice: in the afternoon and in the evening after dinner. The village was the old capital and it has a beautiful old harbor. Perfect place for shopping lovers, as there are shops of all kinds in every corner.

We also visited Mahon, the capital. It was an hospital for the British Army and you can see clearly the signs of its history.

Giada’s pictures

Did you like Spanish cuisine? What were your favorite dishes?

I really liked the Spanish cuisine, especially Paella, even if it was a bit difficult to find because restaurants cook above all international dishes. However I have tasted very particular dishes with tropical fruits difficult to find in Italy. Ah, obviously also fish of all kinds!

Could you describe the funniest experience you’ve had in Menorca?

I think the funniest experience we had was the boat excursion, which was particular in that it provided a tour guide on board who repeated the same things every time in English, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. Precisely for this reason it was very interesting especially for me who studies languages.

We visited a few coves and at lunchtime they served us a plate of paella and a glass of sangria each. On the way back instead it was a lot of fun when they served us the “Pomada” (Gin Lemon) from a cruet directly into our mouth.

Tell us about “your” Menorca!

Menorca will always remind me of a peaceful holiday where you can relax, but also have fun, experience and explore. For us it was never enough just to go on an excursion, in fact we equipped ourselves with the rental car and went from one part of the island to the other in search of the most particular beaches, such as that of Playa Cavalleria characterized by a red rock which consequently creates a sand of the same color.

Menorca will also remind us of the past because we unexpectedly found an entertainer who we found in Rhodes about 5 years ago and with whom we have often stopped to talk and tell each other anecdotes about our lives from after we met until that day. It was an encounter that I never expected to have but which made the holiday very pleasant.

Would you recommend a holiday in Menorca to your friends? Why?

I would recommend this holiday to my friends, but in my opinion it is the perfect holiday for a family because it is a quiet place. For this reason I would say that it is not the right holiday for a high school trip, for example, because “nightlife” it is hard to find here!

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