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Leaving in Autumn: 5 destinations in Asia

Autumn is the perfect season for discovering Asia! Here’s 5 destinations to add in your bucket list if you love rituals linked to nature and popular traditions.

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Boa Vista, Cape Verde: a world into a world

Boa Vista, this teardrop in the ocean, is a world into a world, a part of that immense nesting doll that is the earth, with its arid authenticity that fills your heart, with the strength of its shrubs bent by the wind, with the turquoise of its waters invading the eyes.

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Boa Vista, Cape Verde: the Africa you didn’t expect

We are in Africa, but not that of Safaris, infinite deserts, tribes. A different Africa, the one that is part of the so-called “Macaronesia”. A magical place infact, in ancient times, Cape Verde islands were considered the remains of Atlantis.

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Road trip: what you can find in our van

In my opinion, a road trip is the best trip of ever! It’s amazing traveling with our van (equipped with folding bed, storage compartments, but without bathroom and kitchen!) that became our home for short periods!

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celebration of chhath puja worshipping of the sun chhath puja is one of the most major festivals of india

Travel Diaries India Edition: the World Through the Travelers’ eyes!

With Travel Diaries we have decided to tell you about a country through the sensations and emotions of those who have visited and chosen it as a “soul’s journey”.

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