Travelcromia: Pantone 2024

Travelcromia: when Pantone chooses the travel’s shade!

Do you want to start 2024 with a super cool trip to a destination that embodies the color of the year “Peach Fuzz”, a delicate shade of peach chosen by Pantone?!

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#LIFEINTRAVEL: 7 trends and inspirations for traveling in 2024!

2024 is coming and we want to be ready concerning new trends and coolest ways of travel! Are you ready to leave for a “journey in a journey”, to an innovative and out of the ordinary experience?! Let’s go!

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Traveling with the Grinch: some places in the world where Christmas is not celebrated!

Last time Santa Claus was delivering the gifts. Today we’ll discover together the Grinch’s journey! This grumpy, lonely and irascible creature hates Christmas and everything it represents. Let’s see together where it takes us!

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Travelling with Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist

In addition to being one of my favorite books, “The Alchemist” is the emblem of THE journey: a journey understood in a physical sense, which lasts for two years through three main stages and an even a deeper journey, understood as the revolution that happens inside ourselves.

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Leaving in Autumn: 5 destinations in Asia

Autumn is the perfect season for discovering Asia! Here’s 5 destinations to add in your bucket list if you love rituals linked to nature and popular traditions.

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