Best in Travel 2023: inspirations and travel trends for the new year!

Travel Trends 2023

2023 is almost here and we’re ready for new adventures! Everyone has his own way of traveling. For some people travel means discovering new places, for others escaping the routine, and for some, it is related to their business.

Everyone has his own personal journey, and we hope to inspire you with the top 10 travel trends for 2023!  

1. Researching a deep connection

After a period of forced closure due to the pandemic, 2023 will be the year of profound human experiences and connections. A journey that allows you to establish a strong and profound relationship with places and locals, for a total immersion in different cultures. 

2. Like in a movie

If during the pandemic the only escape route was offered by documentaries and TV series, the protagonists of the 2023 trends will be those who choose their travel destination by following the stages of the characters from their favorite TV series

Like a modern cowboy
Like a modern cowboy

3. Looking for peace

For those who discovered and appreciated silence and loneliness a self-catering holiday in a wild place, it’s going to be the goal. Maybe a private space in a rural destination for practicing meditation and outdoor activities, or maybe a week as a real cowboy on an authentic ranch. 

4. Sustainability is the keyword

Those with a green soul will prefer a holiday dedicated to sustainability, choosing destinations and locations that cherish the conservation and protection of species, in order to discover the local fauna and flora and go slow. 

Travel and taste
Travel and taste

5. Travel and taste

Among the 2023 trends, we can find the journey linked to flavors! From street food, a must-do for those who like to get lost in stalls looking for the most unusual thing to taste, to fine cuisine in exceptional locations such as a submarine restaurant! Food is part of every culture, it represents the roots and the traditions! 

6. On the road

A timeless journey on the road, without schedules and itineraries, totally based on the sensation of the moment! We recommend travelling with an old paper map instead of a digital map! 

7. For your mental and body health

We all need to take some time for ourselves. Some turn this into a daily mantra, therefore in 2023, their travel will be focused on the well-being of mind, body, and soul, perhaps practicing meditation in a refuge surrounded by nature to rediscover their inner balance, staying in a monastery or choosing a location with a wonderful Spa. 

Off-grid holidays
Off-grid holidays

8. Off-grid holidays

Do you know what is the meaning of the word “off-grid” holidays? It means being completely self-sufficient, without electricity and water supplies. An experience like Bear Grylls, a well-known British mountaineer and military, author of a TV show where he teaches how to survive the dangers that can occur in out-of-the-ordinary places! Fundamental requirements: a wild soul!

9. Looking for memories

A romantic trend is linked to experiences evoking emotional memories. You leave for a place where you have experienced strong emotions or visited in childhood, maybe planning a family reunion! 

10. Evergreen travels

Archaeologists, fond of literature, art, or history, we have the right trend for you! An escape to discover the capitals of culture such as Edinburgh in Scotland, Lisbon in Portugal, Tokyo in Japan, Dublin in Ireland, New York in the USA, Sydney in Australia, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Montreal in Canada, Monaco in Germany, and Bangkok in Thailand. 

Well, where are you traveling in 2023?

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