How to pack for an active summer holiday by plane

Fare la valigia

The holiday of your dreams is waiting for you, but an insurmountable obstacle separates you from her: the suitcase! The suitcase reflects the traveler, his habits, his way of life and travel. Think about it: the moment we pack the suitcase is a sort of ritual, during which we leave the superfluous to choose only the indispensable!

It is also a continuous challenge, different concerning each trip. Knowing how to fill a suitcase in the best way is a real art, which can require advanced skills – think of Marie Kondo. In the same time I have refined this technique, after having experienced directly on our travels the consequences of a wrong suitcase.

Here you can find an useful vademecum about how to pack!

List of the indispensable things for an active summer vacation

First of all, make a list of everything you need: it is the only way to forget nothing. The next step is to prepare your hand luggage, where you must put what you need to have at hand. As hand baggage,  I recommend you a backpack with pockets and compartments where you should have:

  • Travel documents: identity card or passport, driving license, health card, airline tickets and respective photocopies, to be kept separate in case of loss of originals.
  • Travel Guidebooks to be consulted while traveling, along with pen and notebook, for last minute notes.
  • A change of linen and a change of clothes, in case of delay or loss of luggages.- Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, sanitized wipes, and for beauty addicts also a moisturizing face cream.
  • Technology enough considering the phone, tablet, camera, backup batteries, headphones and all battery chargers. Put everything in a water-repellent bag, for safety.
  • Snacks and/or junk food to munch on the plane

Hold baggage for an active holiday

I always choose a rigid suitcase, because it protects more what is inside. To prepare the hold suitcase, try to focus on the destination, the length of the trip and the activities you are going to do. For an active holiday in summer you’ll need:

  • Technical clothing that dries quickly
  • Hiking and/or running shoes, comfortable and already tested
  • K-way for rain and wind and waterproof cover for the backpack
  • Microfiber towel and swimsuit
  • Sun screen, mosquito repellent, travel set for personal hygiene, focusing on minitails
  • Generic and specific medicines for your diseases (if you have any)
  • Rubber slippers

Important tip: ask what is provided where you will sleep and if a laundry service is available. This allows you to reduce the number of clothes to take with you. Now the suitcase is ready for your active holiday. Have a good trip!

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