A trip to Lapland: beyond the Northern Lights

Visit Lapland in Winter

Although the aurora is one of the main reasons for planning a trip to Lapland, there are many other activities that allow you to feel part of nature. Find out what to do in Lapland during the Winter holidays!

Lapland in Winter: what to do beyond the Northern lights

Lapland is much more than the Northern Lights. Here there are some activities we recommend to do in Winter:

  • Huskies  sled experience;
  • Feed the reindeers: do you know that reindeers are raised only by the Sami people?
  • Snowmobile experience into the forest, learning how to set up a campfire where to cook your lunch, usually a hot soup and warm up coffee to sip with gingerbread cookies!
  • Ice fishing: only a fishing line and bait and a lot of patience are needed! What matters, in the end, is not what you fished, but what you have learned thanks to the wait: the wonder that surrounds you.

Visit Lapland in Winter

  • Snowshoes experience, cross-country skiing or fat bike experience, activities that allow you to discover, observe, listen, learn how to recognize the footsteps left from animals and maybe even meet the king of the taiga, huge and lonely: the moose!

What to wear in Lapland in Winter

If you want to visit Lapland in Winter you need to have the correct equipment, because the weather is freezing. We suggest you wear a woolen or thermal material of good quality. Then tights and merino’s socks, a heavy windproof and waterproof ski suit, under gloves and gloves, and a hat.

Visit Lapland in Winter

Even if you are perfectly dressed and equipped we suggest you to use “warmers” for hands and feet to put inside gloves and boots, which must be water-repellent and with a good grip. Remember: if you feel cold at the extremities in a short time this will spread throughout your body. A good way to warm up is to sip something warm: tea or coffee, that is prepared in large quantities, whether you are outdoor or indoor.

One last important recommendation: even if you do not have a beauty routine, pack a good moisturizer for face and hands, and a lip balm for your lips. For beauty addicted travelers we advise not to use mascara because there is the risk that your eyelashes will freeze!

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