The reason why is better to choose an organized trip to visit Lapland in winter

The Northern Lights in Lapland

Lapland is a region situated in the far north of Finland and also includes parts of Sweden, Norway, and Russia. The peculiarity of Lapland is that nature dominates the humans.

What’s Lapland?

There are 8 different seasons in Lapland, but the main ones are two:

  • the great Winter from December to March, during which you have more chances to observe the Northern Lights thanks to the atmospheric conditions and the polar night;
  • Summer from June to July, when it’s possible to see the midnight sun.

Lapland is a wonderful and fascinating place, where you have the impression to be in another dimension full of silence and peace, where you can feel the explosion of nature. It is a wonderful destination, especially in Winter, but you have to understand if it is what is right for you!

Our advice is to plan your experience in Lapland with the help of a travel planner and now we’ll explain to you why.

Visit Lapland in Winter

Choose an organized trip to go to Lapland!

In Lapland improvisation is not the ideal approach: the right choice of all the pieces of the puzzle that will make your experience in Lapland is fundamental and can really change your holiday. This destination requires a great knowledge of the territory, activities, and accommodations.

First of all, it’s better to book in advance, starting from the accommodation: hotel, camp, B&B to live in contact with locals, cottages where you can even cook, igloos with large windows to not miss Northern Lights or even ice hotel.

After the accommodation, it’s time to choose local guides that will let you discover Lapland and its unmissable places, not crowded. We are sure that if you have chosen this destination you want to become part of the nature that surrounds you.

Finally, you have to decide how to move. You can choose to rent a car and move on your own, or you can book a transfer service often organized by the accommodations’ owners.

What to know before traveling to Lapland in Winter

One of the main aspects that you should consider when you plan a trip to Lapland in winter is the equipment.

In this period the temperature can reach -30 ° C and we are sure that you do not want to ruin your holiday because you are freezing! You can defend yourself by wearing technical garments. Often the technical equipment can be rented on site by the owner of the accommodation and is highly recommended especially when you spend many hours outdoors.

Visit Lapland in Winter

The Northern Lights in Lapland: what to know

Science defines the aurora borealis as an atmospheric phenomenon generated by electromagnetic particles of solar origin that, coming into contact with the terrestrial ionosphere, emit light of different colors. We have always had a more romantic vision of the aurora borealis, as something mystical, ancestral, magical, divine.

The color that is most frequently observed is green, but the nuances vary according to atmospheric gases. Even the shape changes in relation to intensity: when the phenomenon is weak, it takes the shape of an arch or an S, when it is more intense, you can see the so-called “boreal crown”.

The Northern Lights in Lapland

One of the best places to observe the Northern Lights is the Abisko Sky Station in Sweden. Look at the sky because the aurora forms suddenly and I assure you that it is one of the strongest emotions you can live in your life!

If you want to bring some of this magic with you, you can try to take pictures of the Northern Lights: you will need a good camera, with a quadrangular lens, a tripod, and spare batteries. The spare batteries are useful for all electronic devices, like mobile phones, computers.

Are you ready to plan your trip to visit Lapland in Winter? Contact us now!


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