10 places around the world for an unconventional Christmas!


Christmas is coming and what’s the best gift you can ask for? Traveling the world! Here we listed 10 unconventional Christmas destinations around the world to celebrate your Christmas Holidays traveling.

1. Tallinn – Estonia

It seems to be back in the Middle Ages! The first European Christmas tree was decorated here in Tallin in 1441. The stalls of the Christmas market are wonderful and you can buy handmade candles, pottery, and jewelry made with the precious amber, the red gold of the Baltic area.

Don’t forget to try the “Sauerkraut“, a black pudding, together with a glass of mulled wine.


2. Honolulu – Hawaii

Here, Christmas has been celebrated since the 19th century, but in the typical Hawaiian style! Celebrations start at the beginning of December and go on for the entire month with fireworks, parades, and songs accompanied by the ukulele!

And what about Santa Claus? He comes paddling wearing flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt!

3. Stockholm – Sweden

In Stockholm, you cannot miss “Skansen”, the oldest open-air museum in the world, which shows typical houses and farms from the past. Here is where you might celebrate Christmas as in the last century. The market dates back to 1903 and here you can find traditional delicacies like herring and marzipan.

Don’t forget to attend Christmas carols at the Seglora.

Stockholm by night

4. The Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines is a Christian Asian country; therefore Christmas is very important here! People decorate their houses with lights and “parol”, traditional colorful lanterns. The night before Christmas, a midnight banquet is prepared based on rice, roast pork, and Flan.

Don’t forget that this is the best period to enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the country such as those in Boracay, Palawan, and Coron for a paradisiac Christmas!

5. Henningsvaer – Lofoten

This beautiful small town is the ideal destination for those who want to celebrate Christmas away from the crowds, in touch with nature and sleeping in a colorful fishermen’s cottage by the sea. What’s better than sipping a cup of coffee with gingerbread cookies while watching out of the window the snow falling or the Northern Lights?!

In addition, local artisans produce beautiful candles and woolen hats, that will surely be useful to protect yourself from the cold during the outdoor activities that can be done here!


6. Tokyo – Japan

Christmas in Tokyo is not a religious holiday, but a celebration to spend with your sweetheart eating fried chicken. Even gifts are only for lovers, so Christmas looks more like Valentine’s Day than a religious celebration!

But you won’t be disappointed by the wonderful lights sparkling everywhere and the European-style Christmas market in Rappongi Hills.

The lights of Tokyo

7. Nuremberg – Germany

It boasts one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world dating back to 1628. The symbol of this market is the Christmas angel called the “Christkind” who brings gifts to children. Something very typical is the “sweet men of Nuremberg” made with prunes.

Plastic decorations are forbidden, and the owners of the Christmas stalls compete for the title of the most beautiful stall, awarded with a plum man in gold, silver and bronze. Do not miss the procession of lanterns to the castle, done by children, on the Thursday before Saint Lucy (December 13).

8. New York

Christmas in New York starts when the lights of Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree are on. The Big Apple during Christmas time is full of lights and decorations on every single street from Fifth avenue to Brooklyn. Those who love ice skating should not miss “The Rink”, while everyone should attend at least one Christmas musical on Broadway such as “The Nutcracker”.

We recommend you take the time for visiting Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. Here the house owners compete for the best and most decorated house in the neighborhood.

Brooklyn Bridge

9. Küssnacht – Switzerland

Located on the north shore of Lucerne’s lake, it is renowned for its “Klausjagen”, or the “Santa Claus Hunt”, dating back to the Middle Ages. The event is attended by 180 horn players and 700 drummers with cowbells cracking their whips while searching for Klaus and his elves!

10. Odense – Denmark

Christmas “Jul” is celebrated in Denmark on December 24. In addition to dinner and gifts, dancing is the star of Danish Christmas! People dance around the tree, singing Christmas carols. Odense is the hometown of Christian Andersen and here Christmas really seems like a fairy tale thanks to the homonymous market set up in the old historic center, populated by jugglers, carriages, rides, and even writer’s fairy tale characters!

Not to be missed a visit to the Egeskov Castle, where you find goblins, Christmas stalls, lights and music shows held in the Renaissance garden waiting for you.

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